The Training Division is responsible for the training and personnel development, health and wellness and safety of all members of the District. This is accomplished through frequent and realistic training based on industry standards, best practices, information analysis and emergency response demands.

In addition to ensuring the day-to-day training needs of the District are being fulfilled, the Training and Special Operations Battalion Chief and Training Fire Captain are tasked with managing a variety of specialty programs that include hazardous materials response, wildland firefighting, active shooter incidents, trench rescue, swift water rescue, rope rescue and confined space rescue.

Brighton Fire Rescue District is committed to providing the most highly qualified and trained firefighters, capable of mitigating any all-risk emergency.

The Training Division’s motto is, “Smarter, Stronger, Safer.”

500 S. 4th Avenue
3rd Floor
Brighton CO, 80601
Phone (303) 659 - 4101

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