Obtaining a Permit

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We are now sending many of the plans we receive to a consulting company for review. Due to this change, electronic versions of the drawings, cut sheets, and calculations should be submitted. These documents may be submitted by email directly to either the City of Brighton or Fire District depending on location of project. Please see below for submittal directions.

Within the corporate limits of the City of Brighton

All permit applications for new or re-model construction, fire suppression systems, and fire detection systems MUST be submitted to the City of Brighton Building Department, One Stop Center, located at 500 South 4th Avenue. To submit to One Stop Center, please email all copies digitally to 1stop@brightonco.gov. You can also reach them at 303-655-2017. Fire alarm and fire sprinkler drawings must bear the stamp of a NICET Level III, or higher, in the appropriate field of engineering.

The City will forward the submission to the Fire District for review and approval. When the District has completed its review, and received the applicable fee(s), the District will return the submission, along with the District’s permit, to the Building Department. Applicants will be notified by the Building Department when the permits, both the District’s and the City’s, are ready for pick up.

Outside the corporate limits of the City of Brighton

Submissions for new and remodel construction projects shall consist of a copy of the BFRD permit application, which can be found in the link below, as well as stamped plans from a licensed Professional Engineer or Architect. stamp of a licensed Professional Engineer or Architect. Submissions for fire alarm and suppression systems shall consist of drawings, cut sheets, and calculations; drawings shall bear the stamp of a NICET Level III, or higher, for the appropriate field of engineering. Submit all required documents digitally by email directly to the Fire District at planreviews@brightonfire.org.

The District will advise the applicant of the permit fee amount. Permits will not be issued until the applicable fee(s) have been received by the Fire District.

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