Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was established to oversee and govern District operations. The strategy developed by the District includes the creation of a long-range plan which will help us to continue to provide superior service to the residents of the District. Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. The location for these meetings is at Brighton City Hall, 6th Floor Council Chambers at 500 S. 4th Avenue, Brighton, CO 80601.

Meetings are open to the general public, and anyone can address the Board on any agenda item at the time of its discussion. Anyone can also bring up items not included on the agenda during the "Public Input and Information" portion of the meeting.

The Board of Directors consists of five locally elected officials. Any resident of the District can run for a Board seat. Elections are held every two years on the even years. One election is for two seats, the next for three. The next board election will be held in 2022.

Dean Morris  President   Serving Since 2010 
Don Rowe Vice-President  Serving Since 2013 
Jeff Jacobucci  Treasurer   Serving Since 2020
Sara Dawson Secretary Serving Since 2021
Mark Bodane Assistant Secretary Serving Since 2021